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The Real Macbeth,

King of Alba

Far from being the tragic antihero of William Shakespeare’s drama, Macbeth was a successful King, ruling Alba for 17 years.

One thousand years ago he was the ruler (Mormaer) of old Moray, and rightfully became King of Alba, King of the Scots.

Join author Cameron Taylor in The Real Macbeth, King of Alba as he walks in the footsteps of one of Scotland’s most misunderstood Kings.

In this 45 minute documentary he explores the story of the real man, visiting all the major locations where the real man was believed to have been throughout his life.

length: 45 minutes   language: English

Interspersed with scenes played by actors and a haunting narration by Lady Macbeth, the story is brought to life - it is a credit to the makers that I watched it twice within the space of a week!
— Amazon Customer Review — The Real Macbeth, King of Alba

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Flying Mirrors Movies

A Tour of the Findhorn Foundation Community


In A Tour of the Findhorn Foundation Community Findhorn child Michael Mitton explores many of the physical manifestations of this remarkable community which had its modest beginnings in 1962. This is the perfect movie to show friends and family the place which inspired The Magic of Findhorn and today inspires eco-builders, co-housing projects and spiritual seekers alike.


length: 45 minutes    language: English    subtitles: English

I really feel like I have almost been on their tour myself. It’s a great dvd and I’m going to show it to all my family.
— Customer Review — A Tour of the Findhorn Foundation Community


  • Introduction
  • Cluny Hill and the Trossachs Hotel
  • Moving to Findhorn
  • The Original Garden
  • The Magic of Findhorn
  • A Growing Community
  • The Main Sanctuary
  • Building the Community Centre
  • Cullerne Gardens
  • Universal Hall
  • Nature Sanctuary
  • Craft Studios
  • Whisky Barrel Houses
  • Eco Houses
  • Strawbale House
  • Eco Mobiles
  • Village Green
  • Field of Dreams & Other Housing Projects
  • The Living Machine
  • Biomass Boiler
  • Wind Park
  • Green Burial Site
  • Returning to Cluny Hill
  • Iona & Erraid
  • Credits

DVD also available from:

  • Phoenix Shop, Findhorn
  • Moray Art Centre, Findhorn
  • Cluny Hill Reception, Forres

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