Super Slow Motion Horses

Since the first super slow motion video of a horse that I saw while studying for my degree in Equine Sports Science, I was hungry for more. Seeing the racehorse in slow motion gave me more time to really see the muscular and skeletal movement in detail. There’s so much more movement in the lower leg while galloping than you can possible see in normal speed, as you can see in the  video titled Amazing Slow Motion Horse Racing.

While Alex and I were researching for a new camera that offers slow motion, we came across a beautiful video of a horse jumping an upright show jump. Realising how little else was out there of this sort of thing, my brain started sparking with the idea of recording high quality slow motion videos for use in training and as showreels

I first approached Avril Johnston, a professional event rider, at the local Mundole (Moray, Scotland) dressage competition, and filmed her tests and warm-ups. Some of the slow motion videos caught a small mistake and gave insight into what happened and how it could be improved. Others caught some really beautiful work. I particularly enjoyed watching Sandy’s extended trot, seeing his forelegs being flung out and the flick of the hoof at the end in slow motion.

Rebecca Garner riding Frank. Still from slow motion video (below).

Rebecca Garner riding Frank. Still from slow motion video (below).

I also contacted Rebecca Garner, a local eventer, about making a show jumping showreel with her and her horse, Frank. Both Rebecca and Frank were great, working well over the jump as I filmed them from numerous angles. Once he was starting to get tired we called it a day and I headed home to see what I’d got on the big screen.

Pleased with what I had recorded, I started editing straight away. As you will see in the video, I got some great angles. When slowed down you can see so much detail in the muscles and movement. I’m sure, as I do, you will keep finding more as you watch the finished video again and again.

It is so exciting to be able to offer super slow motion to riders. I am really looking forward to creating more showreels that capture horse and rider at their best, as well as training videos that give more time on each movement, from several different angles, to see where the horse and rider can really improve.

So if you are interested in having a video of yourself, please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.